Dear Friends,


Thank you for visiting Minnow Photography.  My work begs the questions: Do you DARE to be DIFFERENT?  I am not your typical photographer.  Together we will create / recreate life’s most magical memories.  To me, photography is a Genre of Art.


Photography is my way of expressing how I feel about everything surrounding us. To me, retouching a photo is not cheating – if done right!  We naturally “retouch” our memories, whether about a loved one or a lost one, a place we visited, or a flower we passed by that touched our hearts.  We naturally see beauty and strength.  We remember the love and affection.  We ignore and forget any blemishes.  I capture this precious moment – freeze it – frame it.


To me, the best photography evokes juicy feelings and imprints timeless memories. Let’s freeze time with my photographs and your memories, a time that will be cherished for generations to come. I look forward to creating beautiful art and capturing the best memories with you!


--- Love, Minnow